Wed 11 May 2022 WARMER TEMPS FOR FLYING!! Hello Members!! Just a reminder with the warmer temperatures coming up, you are required to wear long pants and closed toe shoes for all flights.  (reference below) Standard Operating Procedures:  7.2. DRESS STANDARDS. Each instructor is required to purchase and wear at least 2 RMFTC/AERO Club... Read article
Fri 25 Feb 2022 From: Justin Hoover All, In order to facilitate our migration to the new flight circle scheduling system there will be no flying on 28th February. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause Read article
Mon 14 Feb 2022 On 01 March 2022 Flight Circle will become the official scheduling system of the Rocky Mountain Flight Training Center. You should all have gotten a flight circle account by now and can use that to log in and schedule. If you haven’t gotten one please reach out to Jenilee Gube... Read article
Wed 29 Dec 2021 ************************ Instructor Rate Update********************** As of 1 January 2021, our Instructor rate will be raised to $45 per hour, the increase is to facilitate a pay increase for our Instructors. (Announced during the November Safety Meeting.) Read article
Tue 5 Oct 2021 Great news!  We are working on setting up our new Scheduling system, Flight Circle.  Flight Circle will eventually replace WingsARS, but not quite yet!We are in the Set up phase, so as soon as you can, please follow the link to set up your new account with Flight Circle. Before we... Read article
Wed 25 Aug 2021 Reminder:  In-Person Safety Meeting 31 August @ 5:45pm Don't forget!  Monthly Safety Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month, at 5:45pm at the Hub.  You must attend 1 In Person Safety Meeting every other month in order to fly PIC. (SOP Chapter 5.6) The Hub:  Building 1013 on... Read article
Wed 28 Jul 2021  AERO Club family:  Peterson Space Force Base just released an Updated Mask Mandate effective immediately.   DoD Memo: Please let us know if you have any questions.. AERO Club Management Read article
Fri 23 Jul 2021 Reminder:  In-Person Safety Meeting 27 July @ 5:45pm Don't forget!  Monthly Safety Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month, at 5:45pm at the Hub.  You must attend 1 In Person Safety Meeting every other month in order to fly PIC. (SOP Chapter 5.6) The Hub:  Building 1013 on... Read article
Fri 9 Jul 2021 Attention:  ALL T41C aircrafts are down for maintenance through at least 26 July.  We are awaiting parts, cylinders and engines.  Please bear with us through this perfect storm of events.  We are are very sorry for the inconvenience.   Aero Club Management Read article
Wed 23 Jun 2021 QUIET HOURS Monday June 28th from 9am - Noon.   No taxiing to the AERO Club, No Refueling during these hours Please check your schedule and adjust your start and stop times to accommodate the Quiet Hours.   Read article
Mon 14 Jun 2021 Attention: Due to a drastic price increase in 100LL Aviation Fuel, rather than permanently raising prices, we must implement a TEMPORARY fuel surcharge.  The surcharge will go into effect on 15 June 2021 and stay in effect until fuel prices go down again.  The fuel chage will be as follows:... Read article
Mon 7 Jun 2021 IN PERSON SAFETY MEETINGS!! Did you know we are now resuming In Person Safety Meetings?   When:  Safety Metings are always the last Tuesday of every month, 5:45pm at the Hub.   Where:  The Hub                (Building 1042, the corner of Suffolk St. and Stewart Blvd)... Read article
Wed 3 Feb 2021 Members, Per FAA Guidelines, holders of FAA issued Airmen Medical Certificates or Medical Clearances may receive the Pfizer and Moderna COVID 19 Vaccines.  However a 48 hour NO FLY safety related duty interval must be observed after EACH dose. Stay Safe! Read article
Wed 30 Dec 2020 Members,  Due to rising costs for maintenance, insurance, parts, and personnel, we have to make small price adjustments.  These prices are in effect 1 January 2021 Dues                                 $25.00 monthly2nd Family Member      ... Read article
Mon 14 Dec 2020 Just a heads up, there will be a scheduled Electrical Outage this Thursday December 17th, from noon to about 2pm.  CE will be replacing a meter in the hangar.  There will be no electric/heat in the hangar at that time (dispatch computer unavailable).  Flights before and after the outage are... Read article
Mon 23 Nov 2020 Safety Meetings Hello AERO Club Family!! Due to the rising COVID-19 numbers, unfortunately we did not recieve the OK to hold our Monthly Safety Meeting in Person.  We will continue to provide the YouTube video and meeting minutes in office, and you will recieve "attended" credit.   Stay Safe Everyone!... Read article
Mon 16 Nov 2020 All, Effective immediately, To reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission within our facility/aircraft, base leadership has implemented the following procedures to mitigate the risk to members and staff. - Don't feel well or been exposed to someone who is ill? Don't come to the facility! - Face masks will... Read article
Mon 5 Oct 2020 Great News!!  Our monthly Safety Meetings will resume In- Person for the month of October!! We will hold our monthly Safety Meeting at The Club, on October 27th @ 5:45pm. ( 260 Glasgow Ave #1013  Peterson AFB, CO 80914 )   COVID Guidelines include:   Up to 75 persons maximum... Read article
Mon 27 Apr 2020 Dear Aero Club Family,We are reaching out to you with good news. We have been authorized to reopen for all flight operations and ground schools, with some protocols and procedures that we will have to comply with. We will reopen on 27 April 2020 at 0800. We are going to... Read article