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Mon 14 Feb 2022

On 01 March 2022 Flight Circle will become the official scheduling system of the Rocky Mountain Flight Training Center. You should all have gotten a flight circle account by now and can use that to log in and schedule. If you haven’t gotten one please reach out to Jenilee Gube and she can get one set up for you. A few days before we open Flight Circle, we will be inputting reservations from WingsARS into Flight Circle for the month of March, anything beyond March you will need to go in a schedule in Flight Circle. If a March reservation is not in WingsARS, we will not honor/move it in Flight Circle (trying to avoid double bookings and line jumping :) ) . On 22 February 2022 you will not be able to make reservations in WingsARS past March 15st. 

Justin L. Hoover
Manager / Flight School Director
Rocky Mountain Flight Training Center / Peterson SFB Aero Club