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Tue 5 Oct 2021

Great news!  We are working on setting up our new Scheduling system, Flight Circle.  Flight Circle will eventually replace WingsARS, but not quite yet!

We are in the Set up phase, so as soon as you can, please follow the link to set up your new account with Flight Circle. 

Before we open up Flight circle for scheduling, we will be updating aircraft maintenance, and I will work on carrying over existing reservations from WingsARS. More info to come, but in the meantime, lets get your accounts set up!

If you have any issues, you can call us or contact Flight Circle Tech Support from the site.  

Jenilee Gube
Peterson Aero Club
Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center
325 Hamilton Ave
Hangar 133
Peterson Space Force Base, CO 80914
719-556-4310 Office