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Mon 16 Nov 2020


Effective immediately, To reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission within our facility/aircraft, base leadership has implemented the following procedures to mitigate the risk to members and staff.

- Don't feel well or been exposed to someone who is ill? Don't come to the facility!

- Face masks will be worn at all times in the facility. (Only exception is Office Staff, Instructors, Maintenance Staff who are alone in their office, briefing area, or hangar)

- Immediately wash your hands when entering the facility!

- Face masks will be required to be worn for the duration of any dual instructional flights. Members/students should plan on providing their own. We will try to have some but no guarantee.

- No more than 3 people are allow to congregate in any office area. No more than 10 people may congregate in any class room or instructional area. Social distancing of 6 feet will be required anywhere inside our facility.  No loitering in the facility, please take care of your business in a timely manner.

- Cleaning and disinfecting supplies are maintained in the office as well as the locker in the hallway.

- When the aircraft keys are returned the pilot will be responsible for disinfecting the keys with either a disinfecting wipe or other disinfecting cleaner.

- If disinfecting is desired prior to flight disinfecting wipes or a spray disinfectant and paper towel may be used to clean major surfaces, controls, and knobs that may be touched during the flight prior to the flight.

- After the flight, It is required that students, instructors and pilots will ensure that all trash is removed from the airplane and must wipe down all interior aircraft surfaces with disinfecting wipes or spray. Make sure all knobs, handles, controls, seatbelts and window latches are thoroughly wiped (basically anything you may have touched, coughed or sneezed on) to prepare the aircraft for the next crew. Please be considerate that these are shared spaces and in order to keep all of us safe we need to strictly adhere to these protocols.

-ONLY APPROVED SCREEN CLEANERS may be used on radio screens, touch screens, and EFIS displays will only be cleaned by Flight Training Center Staff.

- The Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center employees will complete enhanced routine cleaning on a daily basis of the aircraft and facilities throughout the day.


Please follow good general etiquette for a more hygienic environment as found below:

-Please practice good personal hygiene along with covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.

-Wash hands frequently with soap and water especially after sneezing or using a tissue.

-Immediately dispose of used tissues in the garbage.

-If you need additional disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spray, contact a Training Center employee.

Solo, single pilot and dual instructional flights will be allowed as long as protocols are followed. At this time no passengers/guest are allowed at the facility or in our aircraft. We will limit congregation of persons to 10 people in the facility and will enforce social distancing of six feet at all times. The Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center strongly requests that any persons with an acute respiratory infection or illness, refrain from coming to our facility and engaging with other members of our community until cleared by a physician.

Members with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis are not permitted at the Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center until cleared by a physician. Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center will not penalize persons for rescheduled flying or staying away from our facility to reduce the risk to our community. We just ask that you keep us informed if you will not be attending events, whether due to illness or a personal decision to self-isolate.

We understand that this can seem a bit overkill. THESE ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS! This is what is required to help keep us safe and operating. We don’t know how long these protocols will be in place and they are subject to change as we receive further instruction. Failure to comply with the protocols will result in disciplinary action and possible permanent removal from club.

Office staff will continue to be here during office hours but we will be reducing number of staff in office daily and we will be working a rotating schedule. Instructors please forward this message to your students and members you may fly with.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office to discuss at (719) 556-4310.


Justin L. Hoover

Manager / Flight School Director

Rocky Mountain Flight Training Center / Peterson AFB Aero Club