Aircraft Details - Cessna R182 - N2696C

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  N2696C Exterior


  N2696C Instrument panel

Instrument panel

$199/hour Wet
$147/hour Dry

Cleared for IFR.

Has a Garmin 430W



Horsepower 235
Vr - Rotation speed 50
Vx - Best angle of climb 75
Vy - Best rate of climb 80
Enroute climb 90-100
Cruise 2400RPM/20Hg@10,000ft 155
Fuel Burn 2400RPM/20Hg@10,000ft 12.6 gph
Useable Fuel 75 gal
Max Crosswind 18 kts
Best glide 80


Va - Maneuvering speed 112
Vfe - Maximum flap extension speed 140
Vne - Never exceed speed 182
Vso - Stall speed in landing configuration 40
Vle - Maximum landing gear extension speed 140

Weight and Balance

Item Weight Moment
Empty 1829.99 62110.41
Fuel 450 20700
Front passengers    
Rear passengers    

Performance numbers are from aircraft P.O.H. and for standard conditions. For actual planning numbers based on conditions, consult the handbook.

Weight and Balance numbers are from the aircraft W&B sheets in the Aero Club, and the numbers on this page should be accurate. However, the Pilot in Command of the flight should verify all information before take-off. The information on this web page is intended for general planning.