Aircraft Details - Cessna T-41C - N7870N

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  N7870N Exterior


  N7870N Exterior


  N7870N Instrument panel
Instrument panel
$134/hour Wet
$95/hour Dry



Horsepower 210
Vr - Rotation speed 55
Vx - Best angle of climb 65-70
Vy - Best rate of climb 89-95
Enroute climb 95
Cruise 2400RPM@10,000ft (TAS) 107
Fuel Burn 2400RPM@10,000ft 7.2 gph
Useable Fuel 46 gal
Endurance 2400RPM@10,000ft (1 hr res) 5 hours
Best glide 85


Va - Maneuvering speed 127
Vfe - Maximum flap extension speed 100
Vne - Never exceed speed 182
Vso - Stall speed in landing configuration 60

Weight and Balance

Item Weight Moment
Empty 1451.60 55344.60
Fuel 276 13248
Oil 15 322.5
Front passengers    
Rear passengers    

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Performance numbers are from aircraft P.O.H. and for standard conditions. For actual planning numbers based on conditions, consult the handbook.

Weight and Balance numbers are from the aircraft W&B sheets in the Aero Club, and the numbers on this page should be accurate. However, the Pilot in Command of the flight should verify all information before take-off. The information on this web page is intended for general planning.